Run the installer with logging enabled

Modified on Fri, 23 Oct 2020 at 06:28 PM

This procedure will enable you to save the installer log which can then be attached to a support ticket that you can create at

Assuming you already downloaded the installer and it is located in your Downloads folder:

1. Start a command prompt. If unsure how, you can click the Start menu, type 'cmd' (without the quotes) and press Enter.

2. Type

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\tds2-setup-v2.2.X.0.exe /L*V %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\tds2-install.log

Be sure to replace the X with the installer version you downloaded. For example, if you downloaded v2.2.36, the line you would have to execute would be:

%USERPROFILE%\Downloads\tds2-setup-v2.2.36.0.exe /L*V %USERPROFILE%\Desktop\tds2-install.log

3. Go through the install procedure until the installer finishes (or an error comes up) then exit the installer.

4. You will find a file named tds2-install.log on your desktop which contains the installation log. That is the file you need to send.