How to: Export tick data

Modified on Wed, 01 Mar 2023 at 11:42 AM

In this guide you will find step by step instructions for exporting tick data to comma separated values files (.csv) which you can use to import tick data in other platforms (MT5, Ninjatrader etc.).


Exporting tick data

Step 1: Open Tick Data Manager

  • Select the symbol for which you'd like to export data and click on Symbol Operations.


Step 2: Select the Export ticks tab and configure export

  • In the Export ticks tab you can configure the Start and End date, select a preset format (Dukascopy, MT5 or Ninjatrader) or create a Custom format, and adjust GMT and DST if needed.

  • If you'd like to create a custom format, select Custom from the Format dropdown. You will then be able to reorder (by using the arrows), remove (use the minus sign) or add new elements from the dropdown on the right:

  • You can also save your custom configuration to a .tcf file via the Save configuration button to reuse it at a later time (via the Load configuration) or to use it for exporting tick data via command line.


Step 3: Start export

  • When you are finished with configuring the export, click on the Start Export button, select the location where you'd like to save the file and click Save.

  • A new export task will then be added to the bottom of the Tick Data Manager queue:

  • If you'd like to prioritize the export, simply select the task and use the move to top or move up arrow buttons.

If you want to visually inspect the exported file, use a file viewer rather than spreadsheet software like Excel, which is not designed to open or edit large .csv files.