Exporting Metatrader 5 tick data

Modified on Thu, 07 Sep 2017 at 02:41 PM

Video guide

Step by step guide with screenshots

Run Metatrader 5, connect to the account that you would like to use for exporting data then go to View -> Symbols or press CTRL+U.

In the dialog that opens, browse the categories to locate the symbol that you would like to export then select it in the table on the right (it should turn blue).

After selecting the symbol, open the Ticks tab.

Configure the desired starting date (left date input), the ending date (right date input) then click the Request button to download the tick data from the broker.

The download will start from the present and work its way back in time. The broker may not necessarily have all the data you want, most MT5 brokers only started recording data around 2015-2016.

It's worth mentioning that depending on the selected date range and data availability, downloading and processing the data may take a rather long time.

When the download is finished, click the Export Ticks button, select the path to save to and the file name, click the Save button then wait patiently until the export is done.

Finally, if you run into any difficulties with the process or if you have any questions, please head to the MQL5 forum and post there for assistance.