Cannot download tick data - ReceiveFailure error

Modified on Mon, 22 Jan 2018 at 05:54 PM


When trying to download data (typically from Dukascopy), you receive several error messages such as:

Failed to download file from Dukascopy for EURUSD 2017/11/22, hour 23, an unexpected error has occurred – ReceiveFailure


Starting from Q4 2017, the Chinese government blocked the websites of several major Forex retailers including Dukascopy.


Unfortunately, the only workaround is to download the tick data using a VPN.

If you are not located in China, I recommend trying to download using Internet Explorer (must be IE because the Tick Data Suite accesses the internet just like it). If you can download the file in IE, it means something else is blocking access to the internet for the Tick Data Manager - it could be a local firewall, antivirus or something similar, or it could be a transparent proxy at your ISP that only allows certain user-agents. If you cannot download the file in IE, you either have a configuration problem in which case you need to fix it in Control Panel -> Internet Options -> Connections -> LAN Settings or your ISP is blocking the download (you can check if that's the case by trying to download the file in a different browser, e.g. Chrome - if it doesn't work there either it's an issue with your ISP).