Download errors

Modified on Fri, 07 Jul 2023 at 12:27 PM


When trying to download some tick data, you receive one of the following errors:

  • 404 not found
  • Connection timed out
  • Unable to connect


If you're getting 404 not found, the problem is that one or more of the tick data files is missing from the tick data source server. Unfortunately, this is not a problem that can be addressed seeing that the tick data source websites are fully in control of their owners and not directly linked to the Tick Data Suite, which merely facilitates downloading the data.

For the Connection timed out and Unable to connect errors, the problem can be a temporary internet issue on your side or the tick data source server, misconfigured internet settings or otherwise a 3rd party software blocking access.


This section only deals with the Connection timed out and Unable to connect errors. If you wish to do something about the 404 not found errors, you can contact the respective tick data source owner and notify them about the issue but in all honesty I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix. Note that in some extremely rare cases these 404 errors can be caused by an incorrectly configured proxy server.

In order to deal with the other errors, please go through the following sequence of steps:

  1. First of all, you need to determine whether the error is specific to a tick data source or if all the sources are inaccessible. In order to do that, make a different selection in the Source dropdown in the top right of the Tick Data Manager and attempt to download some data.
    If downloading data for a different tick data source works, try downloading data for the tick data source you were originally getting errors for, it might have been a temporary connection issue on your end. If you still can't download data for the problematic source, proceed to step #3.
    If downloading data for the other tick data source also fails with the same error message, the problem can be an internet connection issue on your end or a 3rd party software blocking the Tick Data Suite. Proceed to step #2.
  2. Run Internet Explorer - must be Internet Explorer and not a different browser because the Tick Data Suite accesses the internet with exactly the same configuration as IE - then attempt to load an URL known to be reliable such as - if it loads, it means a 3rd party software is interfering and you need to proceed to step #4.
    If it doesn't load, the problem can be either a failed internet connection or misconfigured internet settings. In order to check this, try to load the same URL in your regular browser: if it doesn't work, your internet connection appears to be offline (although it begs the question: how are you reading this article?); if the URL loads fine in your regular browser, your internet settings are most likely not configured correctly in which case you need to:
    1. Open Control Panel
    2. Open Internet Settings
    3. Navigate to the Connections tab
    4. Click the LAN Settings button
    5. If it is enabled, deactivate the Automatically detect settings checkbox (unless you are 100% certain that your network has proxy autoconfiguration)
    6. If using a proxy, manually configure the proxy server
    7. If not using a proxy, ensure that the Use a proxy server setting is not enabled
    8. Click the OK button to close the Local Area Network Settings dialog
    9. Click the OK button to close the Internet Properties dialog
    10. Restart Internet Explorer and try to load the website again - if it works, you solved the problem; if it doesn't work you will need to seek assistance from your internet provider or on a Windows support forum
  3. Run Internet Explorer (as for #2, it must be IE and not another browser) and try to load one of the following URLs, depending on the tick data source you're having problems with:
    - eareview CDN:
    - eareview mirror server:
    - Dukascopy:
    - TrueFX:
    - Alpari:
    - FXCM:
    If you're getting an error in IE, it means it's not working. Note that in some of the above cases, you will just get a blank page or a downloaded file but that doesn't mean it doesn't work - if you're not getting an error it's working.
    If one particular source is not working in IE but other sites (or sources) are working fine, chances are the tick data source server is down. You can check this by using If it's down just for you, you need to ensure that you don't have any software blocking the website (e.g. proxy or firewall) and if all seems good on your end, contact your internet provider about it. If it's down for everyone, chances are it will probably come back up soon - give it some time.
    If the source URL is working fine in IE but downloading is not working in the Tick Data Manager, it means you have a 3rd party software that is blocking the Tick Data Suite from accessing the internet - proceed to step #4
  4. Check any 3rd party software that might be blocking internet access for the Tick Data Suite. That is typically antivirus or firewall software - I would suggest temporarily disabling these to find out which one is interfering and then adding an exception for the Tick Data Suite. Inspect the manuals/help files/knowledge base/etc. for your software or try to search Google for more information if you're not sure how to do that.