Exception - method not found System.Array.Empty()

Modified on Mon, 19 Feb 2018 at 03:05 PM


When starting the Tick Data Manager, you get a large message box informing you that an exception was encountered, specifically the method System.Array.Empty() was not found.

The messagebox looks like this:


This is caused by an outdated .NET framework version, typically on older versions of Windows (7 and below).


  1. Open Windows Update (depending on your Windows version, it might be located in Control Panel or you may simply type Windows Update in the Start menu to open it).
  2. It is recommended to install all available updates. At a minimum, you must install all .NET framework updates. You will probably have to restart several times.

If you have lots of updates to install, as an alternative you can search for the Microsoft Convenience Rollups which let you install all the updates up to a certain date in a single execution.