Authentication token expired error

Modified on Fri, 10 Feb 2023 at 03:57 PM

This message does not mean your subscription has expired. 

It is simply notifying you that the license must be re-authenticated with the license server, which will issue a new authentication token.


    When starting the Tick Data Manager, you get a License error message box informing you that "Your authentication token is expired.":

    If you try to launch Metatrader 4, the journal has a TDS message that mentions that "The authentication token is expired.".


    This is typically caused by the TDS Service having been stopped, either by the antivirus/antimalware software or sometimes by the user. 

    In some very rare cases, the antivirus completely removes the TDS Service.

    Another cause might be if the license is locked to a different computer. In this case, please follow the instructions for Moving the Tick Data Suite license to a different computer.

    If a Last reported authentication error is displayed in the message box that shows up when you try to run the Tick Data Manager you should pay extra attention to that - it will provide additional details about the underlying issue.

    Sometimes the problem can also be caused by a 3rd party software blocking outgoing internet connections from the TDS Service or by an incorrect internet configuration. If that is the case, the file C:\Program Files (x86)\\Tick Data Suite\log\tdsservice.log will contain errors and warnings related to the inability to authenticate the license.

    A different potential cause could be your system having an incorrect system date, with the date configured in the future or in the past.


Check if the TDS Service is not running and restart the service:

Step 1. Run the Tick Data Suite support assistant (from your Start menu):

Step 2. Open the Maintenance tab.

Step 3. Click the Start TDS Service button and click "YES" to grant the required administrative permissions if prompted. If the Start TDS Service is running and the button is greyed out, please go to the next section.

Step 4. The Start TDS Service button should become greyed out shortly if everything went ok and the message "The Tick Data Suite service is running" should be displayed.

Step 5. Restart the application that you were trying to start (Tick Data Manager or Metatrader 4).

  •    If the TDS Service is running:

    Check your TDS Service log by clicking the Open service log folder button to open an Explorer window pointed at the service log folder and then reading the most recent entries in tdsservice.log:

    If there are multiple errors about not being able to authenticate the license key with the license server, it's likely that some other software (like an internet security suite, firewall, antivirus software, etc.) is blocking the TDS Service from accessing the internet, or that the internet configuration is wrong. 

VPN software that adds an extra layer of privacy to browsing often changes the internet settings but doesn't restore the original settings when it's turned off. A normal Windows user might not notice this right away, but the configuration for the Local System user (which is the TDS Service credential set) remains incorrect. 

You will need to identify which software is interfering and disable it or update the settings.

  • If both the Start TDS Service and the Stop TDS Service buttons are greyed out:

    The TDS Service was completely removed from your computer, something that your antivirus software may have done. If this is the case, we suggest whitelisting all the Tick Data Suite executables and DLLs in your antivirus (if uncertain, consult the antivirus documentation for more information on how to do this).

    After whitelisting the files, reinstall Tick Data Suite or perform an installation repair via Start -> Control Panel -> Programs, right clicking on Tick Data Suite and selecting Uninstall/Change and then Repair.

    If you cannot solve the issue you are experiencing based on the above, please send a support ticket with all the logs attached (using the Support tab of the Tick Data Suite support assistant which you can run from your Start menu as described above). 

However, it's important to note that we cannot offer instructions related to whitelisting content in 3rd party software products.

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